Introducing Motion Technology

The first Wifi Speaker controlled by touch and motion.

Carved and shaped from wood

The wooden housing not only adds to Sugr Cube's beautiful design,

but also delivers its unique and natural sound.

Expand into more rooms and stereo pair.

Add more Sugr Cubes over time to fill your home with music.

Pair two Sugr Cubes for stereo sound.

(Function available this Christmas)

Small, but Oho!

Sugr Cube is a powerful AirPlay Wifi-Speaker with amazingly clear and crisp sound. This Wifi-Speaker is controlled by your motions. It is truly like magic! Use the Sugr App to easily set up your home music network. Sugr Cube is beautifully designed – shaped out of one piece of wood to give it its simple, but gorgeously pure look.

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The Cube sings: “Music is in the Air!”

Sugr Cube is paired within seconds with your smartphone or tablet. Setting up your Home-Hifi-System with this Wifi-Speaker is just as easy.

Sugr Cube is beautiful and fits in every room. Your Cube collection can be connected wirelessly with your Smartphone or Tablet. Use just one device as the remote control of your personal Wifi-Music-System. Want to listen to your music in the kitchen and in the living room? No problem, select the correct Sugr Cubes with the Sugr Cube App and push play. We are talking about Wifi, not Bluetooth®! This means no worries anymore of being within the right range. As long as you are connected with the your home network, distance is no more a restriction, but the opportunity to create a wonderful music environment at home.

Sugr Cube comes in different colors!


Listen to your favorite songs!

Music from all your favorite streaming services*:

Music from your own music library and your favorite radio channels:

*Most of the services work with AirPlay

A better experience with
Motion Technology

Play, skip & share – With Sugr Cube’s Motion Technology music becomes nearly tangible. Sugr Cube offers a true enhancement in your listening experience.

Sugr Cube has a brand-new Motion Technology built-in!

Touch and play with Sugr Cube!

Sugr Cube has built-in Motion Control Sensors that allow you to skip, pause or play your songs just with the palm of your hand.

This Wifi-Speaker is so much fun! No matter, where you are in the house, just use the Sugr Cube nearby to skip a song or pause your music. Buttons and switches are replaced by intuitive hand gestures. Sugr Cube in your bedroom can even be your alarm. If you are too tired, just tilt the Cube to its side and your alarm is set to snooze. Automatic soft- and hardware updates are going to add more motion features to your Wifi Speaker along the way. This is just the start and Sugr Cube is already the most personal loudspeaker yet.

Pure interaction – Motion Control

Play & Pause

Pause your music at any time by clapping the palm of you hand on the top of your Sugr Cube.


Want to listen to a song again? Just tilt Sugr Cube to the left side and enjoy the song again.


To jump through your music library, tilt sugr cube to the right side and skip a song.

And more touch

Sugr Cube is being updated along the way. Soon you will find even more motion features!

Once again: bigger is so not better!

The Cube’s sound is cristal clear and crisp. Thanks to its bass-reflex acoustic chamber and its excellent frequency, Sugr Cube is unique for its size.

Sugr Cube has an amazing high-end sound! This Wifi-Speaker is a bass-reflex acoustic chamber sealed by a 9mm thick MDF board. This Wifi-Speaker has been designed with an efficient vent tube to enhance the bass performance in a natural and effective way. This technology is common in high-end speakers, while this is the first time it is applied to a portable speaker.The excellent frequency response and extremely low THD guarantee Sugr Cube’s wonderful sound quality.

Sugr Cube has an amazingly clear and crisp sound!

Why Sugr Cube is so cool?

Sugr Cube’s features are one-of-a-kind. It has been designed to offer more than conventional speakers.